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Glazed folding doors are a modern alternative to french windows or sliding patio doors. Folding doors, also known as bifold doors, fold inward or outward in concertina fashion. Their advantage is that they open 90% (as opposed to 40%) of the opening to the outdoors. A single leaf can be opened like a normal door. Modern glazed folding doors have a flush threshold to avoid tripping and provide easy disabled access. Folding doors are doubled glazed, and may be fitted with Low-E glass to reduce thermal gain. Solid panel folding doors can also be used as wardrobe doors. Leading suppliers of folding doors are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




There are two quite separate uses for folding doors: folding wardrobe doors and folding patio doors. In both cases the door is made up of a number of vertical panels which are hinged at both sides and fold back in concertina fashion. Both types are sometimes known as bifold doors.


Folding doors for wardrobes have the great advantage over conventional sliding doors that they allow the whole of the wardrobe to be opened at once, providing complete view and access. By contrast conventional sliding doors (also known as bypass doors) typically allow just under half the wardrobe to be opened at once. The disadvantages of folding wardrobe doors compared to sliding doors is that their mechanism is rather more complicated an unreliable; also they do take up some space within the room, whereas sliding wardrobe doors take up no space within the room. The reason that the mechanism is rather less reliable is that the whole weight of each panel is taken only at one edge.


Folding doors for wardrobes are available in a wide range of materials and finishes. The doors may be of solid wood, either in panels or of louvred construction. These may be finished as natural wood, with wax or varnish, or may be painted. Other options include plain flat doors of medium density fibreboard with wood or laminate veneer. The weight of the doors is normally taken on the top sliding rails, with the bottom rail being used only for locator pins to keep the doors in position.


Folding patio doors share the same geometry as folding wardrobe doors, but are different in all other respects. They are external rather than internal, and are always partly or fully glazed. The frames for folding patio doors are most commonly made of timber, UPVC, aluminium, or combination of timber and aluminium. The cheapest option is likely to be UPVC, which is entirely secure and practical, but does tend to look rather cheap. Also the frames tend to be wider than for timber or aluminium, giving a heavier look and allowing less light in. Aluminium folding doors are available in a wide range of powder-coated colours, with the option of different colours on the inside and the outside. Timber gives a warmer look, particularly on the inside. Although expensive, the combination of timber and aluminium is particularly attractive. It provides a maintenance-free high quality powder-coated aluminium surface on the outside, and a warm attractive timber surface on the inside. Some folding patio doors will allow a single panel to be opened like a conventional door. This is an ideal arrangement, allowing easy passage without having to open up the whole folding door. 




Folding Sliding Doors: Folding Doors. Folding Sliding Doors Ltd is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The company manufactures folding doors, mainly for external use in private homes. Options include inward opening, and outward opening. The doors fold in concertina fashion. This may be to the right, to the left, to right and left. A flush threshold can be provided, enabling the space to flow smoothly from interior to exterior. A flush threshold also avoids tripping and is helpful to wheelchair users. There are three forms of construction for folding doors: timber, UPVC, aluminium, or aluminium clad timber. In the aluminium clad timber option, aluminium is used on the outside (to provide a durable surface which does not need painting) and wood is used on the inside (to provide a friendlier finish). The aluminium finish can be supplied in any one of hundreds of powder coating colours. Glazing is in Low-E glass.

Solarlux: Folding Doors. Solarlux is a leading German manufacturer of facade and glazing systems including external folding doors. Its UK office is in Wakefield, Yorkshire. Solarlux describes its external folding door system as a Folding Facade. Its system enables a five meter wide folding facade to be folded up to a compact panel stack of only 50 cm in width. Solarlux folding doors are made from timber, aluminium, or aluminium clad timber. Solarlux offers seven models of aluminium folding door, with varying levels of insualtion. It also offers two models of wood folding door, and one in aluminium clad wood. All options are fitted with toughened glass, have multi-point locking systems, and have a flush floor track without upstand, providing disabled access. Solar glass and sound attenuating glass are available as options. Panels are available in sizes up to 900mm by 3500mm.


Kloeber: Folding Doors. Kloeber, based in Cambridge, manufactures external glazed folding doors in engineered timber, aluminium, and aluminium clad timber. The timber folding doors are made to measure from engineered oak or mahogany. They offer a choice of opening configurations, sill details, and ironmongery. They feature multi-point door locking, and full weather sealing. Kloeber timber folding doors are factory sprayed using Sikkens microporous paint in a choice of stains or in any RAL colour. As well as external folding doors, Kloeber folding doors can also be used as room dividers, between rooms, or between the house and a conservatory. All folding doors are fitted with toughened safety glass. Four glass options are offered: a standard unit that exceeds building regulations requirements; self-cleaning glass; solar control glass; and glass which combines self-cleaning and solar control.




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