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Engineered flooring is made from several wood layers glued together under high pressure to produce a strong plywood core. A thin layer of hardwood (between 1mm and 7mm thick) is glued on top to provide a hardwood surface. This method of construction produces a strong and stable floor which, unlike a solid wood floor, is not prone to shrinkage, expansion, or twisting. These arise from changes of humidity and temperature in the room, and from moisture in the sub-floor. Good quality engineered flooring can be re-sanded and re-sealed two or three times in its lifetime. Leading UK suppliers of engineered flooring are profiled below the panel of sponsored links. 


Kahrs: Engineered Flooring. Kahrs is a leading manufacturer of hardwood flooring including engineered flooring. Its UK operating is based in Havant, Hampshire. The company was formed in 1857 by Johan Kahr, who started a small wood turning shop in Nybro, in the heart of the forests of Smaland in Sweden. Kahrs engineered wood flooring is constructed from plywood, with to which a surface layer of hardwood (typically 3mm thick), and a bottom layer of spruce veneer are applied. The plywood provides great dimensional stability, and the hardwood layer provides the look of natural hardwood. The engineered floor can be re-sanded twice in its life, and is suitable for use with under floor heating. Available hardwood for the surface layer include: Ash, Beech, Birch, Cherry, European Maple, Hard Maple, Jarrah, Jatoba, Merbau, Oak, and Walnut. As an alternative to plain straight planking, Kahrs offer engineered floor in parquet-like patterns, also a ship's decking look, and distressed, bevelled and brushed finishes.

Barlinek: Engineered Flooring. Barlinek of Poland is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of hardwood flooring, including engineered flooring. Its three-layer Barlinek floorboard is exported to more than 40 countries. In addition to its main plant in Poland, Barlinek has a plant in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. The basic range of Barlinket engineered flooring is available in boards 180mm or 130mm wide, in the following hardwoods: Oak, Ash, Merbau, and Jatobe. The engineered flooring is available with an oiled finish or with a varnished finish. The varnished finish is achieved by applying multiple layers of UV hardened acrylic semi-matt varnish. The Professional range of Barlinek engineered flooring has a superior varnished finish, giving greater protection against damage from water, detergents, wine, vinegar, milm, coffee, tea, olive oil, and acetone. It is particularly suitable for demanding environments such as kindergartens, hotels, and offices. All Barlinek engineered flooring carries a 30 year guarantee.



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