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The main categories of door parts are: Door Handles & Knobs, Door Locks & Catches, Door Hinges & Closers, Door Plates & Viewers. A wide range of all these door parts is available, including contemporary and traditional door parts, and door parts in steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, ceramic, and crystal. For door locks there is a range of security levels, from simple cylinder locks which need to be used in conjunction with a mortice lock, through to high security door parts with anti-snap, anti-drill, and anti-pick features. Other door parts include letter plates and house numbers. Leading UK suppliers of door parts are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




Screwfix: Door Parts. Screwfix is a leading supplier of trade tools and hardware products, including door parts. It sells through more than 140 stores throughout the UK, and online. It offers a wide range of door parts, including: Bolts & Catches, Cabinet Furniture, Door Gear, Hinges, UPVC Fittings, Chest Fittings, Door Furniture, Draught & Rain Excluders, and Gate Fittings. The Bots & Catches section overs: Bales Catches, Door Bolts, Latches, Magnetic Catches, Roller Catches, and Toggle Catches. The Door Gear section covers: Folding Door Gear, Sliding Door Gear, and Wardrobe Door Gear. Bales Catches, which are available in both brass plated steel and zinc plated steel, have a ball catch with spring which secures the door by pressing back into a cavity. The Door Furnitue category includes: Door Knockers, Finger Plates, Letter Boxes, Numerals, Suffolk Latches, Thumb Turns, and contemporary and traditional door handles and door knobs.

MPL: Door Parts. MPL, which is based in Wakefield, in West Yorkshire, specialises in multi-point locks for UPVC doors. During the last 20 years millions of UPVC doors have been fitted in the UK, taking the place of traditional timber doors. UPVC doors have various practical advantages over timber doors in terms of maintenance, but they do create a problem in obtaining the requiired spare part if the door locking system fails. Unlike a timber door, which can easily be fitted with a replacement lock which will exactly or with adjustment fit the door, replacing the locking system of a UPVC door requires the correct spare part, and this can be difficult to find. MPL offers a wide range of replacement door locks for UPVC doors, including replacement locks for UPVC doors which are no longer being made. MPL provides a telephone service which offers customers help in indentifying their make of door lock, and which will offer fitting advice.


World of Brass: Door Parts. World of Brass has been a leading UK online retailer of door parts since its launch in 2002. Its door parts product range is organised into the following categories: Door Handles, Door Knobs, Door Furniture, Locks & Latches, Cabinet Fittings, Cupboard Handles, Cupboard Knobs, Hardware Fittings, and Bathroom Fittings. Its range of Door Handles covers: Period Door Handles, Classical Door Handles, Chrome Door Handles, Handles for UPVC Doors, Black Nickel Door Handles, Door Pull Handles, Classival Lever Door Handles on Round Rose, Brass Lever Hanles on Round Rose, Designer Door Handles, Stainless Steel Door Lever Handles, and Privacy Lock Door Handles. There is a section explaining the uses appropriate for various types of door handle, including Lever Latch Door Handles, Lever Lock Door Handles, Bathroom Set Door Handles, Privacy Lock Door Handles, Euro Profile Door Handles, and Oval Profile Door Handles.




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