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Door locks are usually fitted to external doors, and there are three main types: Cylinder Locks, Mortice Locks, and Rim Locks. Cylinder Locks and Mortice Locks are inset into the side of the door; Rim Locks are surface mounted on the inside of the door. The inset part of a cylinder lock may be oval or Euro in profile. Euro Cyldinders can be single (key on outside only), double (key hold on both sides), or key and turn (with key on the outside and a turning knob on the inside). For greater security, cylinder locks can be provided in Anti-Bump, Anti-Snap, Anti-Pick, and Anti-Drill versions. Leading UK suppliers of door locks are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




The traditional type of lock is the mortice lock, also known as the mortise lock. It is so called because the rectangular mechanism fits into a deep recess, or mortice, cut into the edge of the door. For internal doors, a simple two-lever mortice lock is adequate; for external doors insurance companies will specify a stronger five-lever mortice lock. The lock may be turned with a simple key, or the door lock may have a more secure locking cylinder, which is replaceable. The locking cylinder may be round, oval, or a shape called Euro, which is a combination of round and oval. Special door locks, known as Thumb Turns, are available as privacy locks for toilets and bathrooms. Some of these penetrate to the outside face of the door, where there is a small plate enabling the door to be opened from the outside with a screwdriver; this avoids having to break down the door in the case of emergency.


A more modern type of lock for external doors is the rim lock. This is fixed to the inner surface of the door, with only a shallow plate having to be inset into the edge of the door. They are always fitted with secure locking cylinders, which can be easily replaced if required. Their great convenience compared to a mortice lock is that they lock automatically and securely when closed. This means you can just close the door behind you when you enter or leave the house, without having positively to lock the door.


For maximum security, you should choose a make of mortice or rim lock which requires the owner of the lock to be registered, so that new keys are only copied or issued following proof of identity. This is enormously more secure than the common arrangement by which anyone can take a key into a locksmith and get it copied. It is no good having a strong lock if the key can be easily copied.


Other specialist types of door locks, mainly used in institutional settings such as schools, hotels, and offices, are: Digital Code Door Locks, Card Operated Door Locks, and Fingerprint Door Locks.


Digital Code Door Locks have a set of typically ten buttons marked with letters or numbers. To open the door a series of the buttons has to be pressed in the correct sequence. The security weakness is that this code can be easily passed around; however the combination can be changed as frequently as necessary. Digital code door locks are not recommended for applications where security is important, they are more in the nature of a mild deterrent.


Card Operated Door Locks are highly secure, because each can be registered to a single user, and can be immediately cancelled if the card is lost or stolen. They also offer the unique facility of being able to divide a building into zones, allowing specific users access only to specific zones.


The most exotic type of door lock is the Fingerprint Door Lock. Simpler fingerprint door locks, suitable for homes and small offices, will hold up to 100 fingerprints. Systems for larger buildings can hold up to 1,000 fingerprints. The locks are battery operated, but consumer very little current and can accommodate up to 10,000 openings before the battery needs changing.


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Housegoblin Hardware: Door Locks. Housegoblin Hardware is based in Frome, Somerset. It is a leading online supplier of all types of architectural hardware including door locks. In addition to its main range of door locks, Housegoblin Hardware supplies Digital Locks, and Door Bolts. Its main range of Door Locks comprises: Dead Locks, Door Latches, Sash Locks, Bathroom Door Locks, and Detainer Mortice Locks for Sliding Doors. The Dead Locks are simple locked or unlocked mechanisms operated by a lever or by a cylinder lock. Door Latches are sprung catches that keeps the door closed once shut; they are not security devices. Sash Locks combine a dead lock and a door latch; they can be fitted into the door with a mortice, or can be screwed onto the door face. The bathroom locks are operated by a spindle, not a key, and are used with a bathroom turn and release, with safety unlock feature.


Yale: Door Locks. Yale was founded in 1840 by Linus Yale, an emigrant from North Wales to Newport, New York. He specialised initially in expensive, hand made, bank locks. H was joined by his son, Linus Yale Jnr, who developed numerous innovative locks, including his most important invention - the Yale cylinder pin tumbler lock. Yale, which is now part of the Assa Abloy Group, has grown to be one of the world's leading manufacturer of door locks; it sells in 125 countries worldwide. The Yale range of door locks is classified into: Nightlatches, Cylinder Door Locks, Mortice Door Locks, and Door Bolts & Accessories. Nightlatches, traditionally known as 'Yale locks', are available in three types: Maximum Security, High Security, and Standard Security. The Maximum Security nightlatches are British Standard Approved to provide the highest level of security. The Standard Security nightlatches provide only basic security, and should be using in conjunction with a mortice lock.


MPL: Door Locks. MPL, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, is a specialist online retailer of multi-point locks for UPVC doors. During the last twenty years millions of UPVC doors have been fitted in the UK, replacing traditional timber doors. UPVC doors have many practical advantages over timber doors, but they do present the problem of obtaining the right spare part if the door locking system fails. Unlike the case of a timber door, where it is easy to find a replacement lock which will exactly or with adjustment fit the door, with a UPVC door is is essential to obtain the correct spare part, and this can be difficult. MPL carry a wide range of replacement door locks for UPVC doors, including replacement locks for UPVC doors which are no longer manufactured. MPL offer a telephone service through which they will help customers identify their type of door lock, and will offer advice on fitting.


Discount Locks: Door Locks. Discount Locks, based in Fleet, Hampshire, is a leading online retailer of door locks. It supplies locks for the home and office, including locks for doors, windows, patio doors, and garages. It also provides a range of multi-point locking mechanisms for UPVC doors, including the ERA Repair lock. This lock replaces about 95% of the existing multi-point locking systems that are on the market. Most stock items are delivered to the customer's door within 48 hours. The Discount Locks range of door locks is organised into the following categories: Bullet Locks, Cabinet & Cam Locks, Euro Cylinders & Rim Cylinders, Digital Door Locks, Mortice Locks, Multi-point Locks, Night Latches, Rim Locks, Sliding & Patio Door Locks, and Vehicle Locks. Each category (such as Euro Cylinders & Rim Cylinders) can be sorted by: Price, Most Popular, Title, Manufacturer, Newest, Oldest, and Availability.





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