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Door knobs are available in a wide range of contemporary and traditional designs. Traditional door knobs are either oval or circular in shape, and may be made of brass, wood, porcelain or crystal. Door knobs may have a simple circular base (or 'rose') and a separate keyhole cover. Alternatively the knob may be fitted to a vertical base plate which also incorporates the key hole. Different versions are available for mortice locks (inset into the edge of the door) and for rim locks (which are fitted to the surface of the door). Door knob sets for rim locks require only one rose. Leading UK suppliers of door knobs are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




Door knobs were first introduced in the 16th century, when royal palaces and then the houses of courtiers and gentry started to be divided into individual rooms separated by doors. Previously all had lived in a large single room, the parts of which were separated by woven hangings.


For the last century there has been a lively competition between traditional door knobs and the more modern lever handles. The pressure to accommodate the elderly and those with a weak grip has led to lever handles winning that battle in most commercial and institutional buildings. Within the home, door knobs continued to be used, particularly in 19th century and earlier buildings, and in buildings where a traditional look is wanted.


Do not underestimate the impact which well chosen high quality door knobs can have on the look of a home. They are numerous, they are visible, and you notice them because you touch them. Good door knobs are an excellent investment.


Traditionally, the most common type of internal door knob was the turned wooden knob. These are still made, and are available in a wide range of woods and shapes, with or without brass collars, from suppliers such as Knobbs of Pembrokeshire, Wales. Their basic turned wood door knobs are available in European Beech in various shapes, with choices of various stains - Light Oak, Medium Oak, Walnut, Dark Oak, or Dark Mahogany. They also offer three more elaborate door knobs in their Renaissance, Restoration, and Button ranges. The Renaissance Range have brass collars and simple brass roses (the circular plate which is screwed to the face of the door). The Restoration Range has a fancier decorative rose. The Button Range is of a more contemporary design, with chrome plated collars and roses, and a variety of geometric knob shapes.


Other materials used for internal door knobs are brass, bronze, chrome, aluminium, and ceramic. While these can look very smart, none have the warm look and easy grip of a wooden door knob. Ceramic door knobs are available with a wide range of decorative finishes. These can range from simple silver or gold rings on a white or black ceramic door knob through to multi-coloured floral designs. Our advice is to keep door knobs simple; they are going to last a long time, you may want to change the colour scheme of the room, and fancy designs can date.


In addition to being used on internal doors, door knobs can be used on front doors, particularly in period properties. These are normally fixed rather than turning, are larger than internal turning door knobs, and are typically fitted to the centre of the door, giving rise to the term centre door knobs.  




Housegoblin Hardware: Door Knobs. Housegoblin Hardware is an online retailer of all types of door furniture include door knobs. It is based in Frome, Somerset. In addition to its main range of door knobs, Housegoblin Hardware offers ranges of Door Knobs on Backplates, Crystal Door Knobs, and Central Door Knobs. Most of the door knobs have columns and bases of brass, nickel, or chrome, with a wide variety of materials for the knobs themselves. These include brass, chrome, cut glass, wood, and porcelain. Several of the solid brass door handles have concentric groove (creating a 'beehive' effect) which provides improved grip. The Central Door Knobs are intended for use as fixed knobs on front doors. They are larger than internal door knobs, and are available in a wide range of materials and styles, including a Black Antique range from Ludlow Foundries, suitable for rustic properties.


Snobs Knobs & Posh Knockers: Door Knobs. Snobs Knobs & Posh Knockers is a family business, founded in 1983, which sells antique and reproduction door furniture online. It is run by Barry Lawson, his wife Ann, and their daughters Kate and Jenny. It grew out of an architectural salvage business. In addition to antique door furniture, it now offers reproduction door knobs, door handles, and door knockers. These are reproduced using traditional production methods in British foundries. The website has sections covering Antique Door Furniture, Door Knobs Made in Britain, and Drawer & Cupboard Knobs. The reproduction door knobs include door knobs in polished Rosewood, and Northumberland Light Oak. Some have a wooden base; others have brass base which is either plain circular or decorative pierced. A Deco Rosewood Octagonal door handle is suitable for use in 1930s Art Deco houses. Other door knobs are in amber, green or frosted clear crystal, with brass or nickel bases.


World of Brass: Door Knobs. World of Brass is a leading online retailer of door furniture including door knobs. Its range of door knobs is organised into the following sections: Period Door Knobs, Rim Knobs, Crystal Glass Door Knobs, Centre Door Knobs, Contract Door Knob Sets, Door Knobs on Backplates, Delamain Door Knobs, and Black Iron Door Knobs. The range of Period Door Knobs includes a solid brass Victorian mushroom mortice door knob, which is available in Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, and Satin Chrome. An alternative is the solid brass Queen Anne beehive door knob. This has concentric grooves cut into the handle, giving a better grip than smooth brass, and making it easier to turn. Similar period door knobs are available in Florentine Bronze. World of Brass also supplies plain Staffordshire white porcelain mortice door knobs, with white porcelain rose.




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