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Door handles are of two main types: lever door handles, and fixed D-shaped pull door handles. Lever door handles may be fixed to the door using a small circular fitting, known as a rose, or may be fixed to the door using a larger vertical plate, which may incorporate a key hole. The variety of styles for door handles includes simple modern door handles in stainless steel, and decorative 18th Century designs finished in brass. Antique black door handles resemble wroguht iron, and give a farmhouse look. Other finishes for door handles include coloured powder coating. Leading UK suppliers of door handles are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




Housegoblin Hardware: Door Handles. Housegoblin Hardware, based in Frome, Somerset, is a leading online retailer of architectural hardware including door handles. It offers four categories of door handle: Door Levers on Rose, Door Levers on Backplate, Door Pulls, and Door Levers for UPVC Doors. The Door Levers on Rose include contemporary and decorative traditional designs. They can be combined with matching escutcheons and bathroom turns. The options include a porcelain lever handle on rose, manufactured by Delamain; this traditional design is particularly suitable for bathrooms and toilets. The Door Levers on Backplate include lever door locks, lever door latches, bathroom door levers, and privacy levers. The design ranges include Classical, Designer, Contentinental Fratelli Pelatini, traditional Period designs in brass, and the Serozzetta collections. The Door Handles for UPVC Doors have a Euro-profile holed for a keyed lock operating a multipoint locking system.

Screwfix: Door Handles. Screwfix is a leading UK supplier of trade tools, accessories and hardware products, including door handles. It operates online and through more than 140 branches across the UK. Screwfix offers a very wide range of door handles, classified into: Classic, Black Antique, Georgian, Stainless Steel, and Commercial. The Classic range includes lever door handles, fitted to a vertical plate or a circular rose, in chrome, satin brass, and satin nickel. Black Antique lever door handles are available with simple plates or fancy decorative plates. They are intended to give a farmhouse or cottage look. The Commercial range of door handles includes lever door handles in aluminium and brass. Chrome and brass finish is available. Lever door handles are also available in white, red and black finish. Screwfix also offers a range of fixed D-shape pull door handles in stainless steel or aluminium.


Allgood: Door Handles. Allgood plc is a leading UK manufacturer of modern architectural ironmongery including door handles. Allgood, which was started in 1948, produces door handles under the following brand names: Sembla, Mode, Modric, FSB, and d line. Allgood has a showroom in Warren Street, London; appointments are required. Allgood offers BioCote anti-microbial coating on its door handles. The coating is oven baked on and has been shown in NHS hospital tests to reduce bacteria levels by 95%. Allgood produces two types of door handles: lever handles and fixed pull handles. Allgood produces more than 100 different designs of lever door handles. There are two main designs: with straight lever, or with lever which turns back towards the door. The advantage of the latter design is that it does not catch sleeves and clothes. Options for materials include stainless steel, polished stainless steel, anodised aluminium, and Spectra colour system. The Spectra colour system uses an electrostatically applied and oven cured colour powder coating. 


Karcher Design: Door Handles. Karcher Design, of Germany, is a leading maker of door furniture including lever door handles. Most Karcher Design lever door handles is produced in satin stainless steel. Some products are finished in polished stainless steel or in long lasting zirconium brass. The Karcher website classifies its product range into: Stainless Steel Door Lever Handles, Stainless Steel Door Lever Handles European Style, Privacy Bolts Deadbolts & Knob Sets, Mortise Lock Trim Sets, Handles on Plates, and Stainless Steel Pull Handles. Other sections of the Karcher Design website include: Corporate videos, Information about the three piece escutcheon, Assembly instructions, Drilling templates, Certificates, and Maintenance for stainless steel. All Karcher Design door handles are manufactured using the metric system; values in inches are approximate.




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