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Conservatory blinds can be used to control solar gain in summer; they also reduce heat loss in winter. There are five main types: Roller Conservatory Blinds, Pleated Conservatory Blinds, Roman Conservatory Blinds, Pinoleum Conservatory Blinds, and Metal Venetian Conservatory Blinds. All can fit awkward shapes in the conservatory roof, including triangular glazed areas. Operating options include wand operation, hand crank operation, and powered crank operation. Pinoleum is the most traditional type of conserv-atory blind, giving a Colonial look with dappled light. Leading UK suppliers of conservatory blinds are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.  




Thomas Sanderson: Conservatory Blinds. Thomas Sanderson, based in Waterlooville, Hampshire, has been operating as a family business for 20 years. It is now Europe's largest manufacturer and supplier of conservatory blinds, window blinds, and shutters. Thomas Sanderson offers the following ranges of conservatory blinds: Pleated, Pinoleum, Metal Venetians, and Roller Blinds. The Pleated Conservatory Blinds are the original and most popular design. They are discreet when retracted, and lend themselves to installation in unusual shaped roof panels. Over 200 colours and styles for the blinds, and a choice of colours for the rails, is available. Pinoleum Conservatory Blinds, made from narrow wooden rods woven together into a blind, are the traditional type of conservatory blind, giving dappled light and a historic Colonial look. Both Pleated and Pinoleum Conservatory Blinds can be motorised. Metal Venetian Conservatory Blinds give precise light control, and are available in 90 colours.

Prestige Conservatory Blinds. Prestige Conservatory Blinds, based in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, is a family business specialising in the manufacture and installation of conservatory blinds. For conservatory roofs, Prestige offers four types of blind: Roller Conservatory Blinds, Pleated Conservatory Blinds, Pinoleum Conservatory Blinds, and Roman Conservatory Blinds. Conservatory Roller Blinds provide a smooth style of blind that be contoured to any shape and roof layout. They greatly reduce solar gain in summer, and also reduce heat loss in winter. They are available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, with a choice of manual or remote operation. Colour matched continuous cassettes, which are mitred to all corners, ensure a neat unobtrusive look, and give the impression that the blinds are built into the conservatory. The Pinoleum Conservatory Blinds have pinoleum covered rails to ensure continuous natural effect with no visible rails. A range of natural wood colours is offered.


Hillarys: Conservatory Blinds. Hillarys, based in Colwick, Nottinhamshire, makes nearly 30,000 blinds, including conservatory blinds, each week. Customer service, including measuring and fitting, is rovided thorugh a network of locally-based Advisors. Hillarys also operated an internet based sales operation at, which was launched in 2001, and a trade channel called Arena which sells made-to-measure blinds to other manufacturers. For conservatory roofs Hillarys offers pleated conservatory blinds in a choice of 117 fabrics. Hillarys suggests that, because the blinds will colour the light entering the conservatory, choice of colour is important. Beiges, yellows and oranges will give a warm and welcoming look. Blues, greens and purples will give a cool and fresh feel. Whites and creams will create a simple and calming mood. The conservatory blinds may be wand operated, crank operatored, or automated with a power crank.




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