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Ceiling tiles normally form part of a suspended ceiling system, constructed of aluminium sections and hangers. Their main purpose is to conceal pipework and wiring above the suspended ceiling. They can also provide sound absorbency and heat insulation. Ceiling tiles may be made of mineral or metal. In the case of metal ceiling tiles, perforations are provided to produce sound absorption. Ceiling tiles may be removed for access either by unclipping, or by downward hinges. Where ceiling height is limited, ceiling tiles may be fixed directly to the underside of the ceiling. Leading UK suppliers of ceiling tiles are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.


Armstrong: Ceiling Tiles. Armstrong is a leading supplier of mineral and metal ceiling tiles. For example, its Academy Diploma mineral ceiling tile with its fine textured surface offers a wide range of edge details. The 'Acoustic Design of Schools' document (BB93) produced by the DfES gives the appropriate standards and Armstrong has designed the 'Diploma' products to meet and exceed these requirements in a wide range of teaching spaces. Control of bio-contamination is critical in the medical sector. The Bioguard paint, applied to Armstrong's Bioguard ceiling tiles, contains fungicides and biocides, which actively combat harmfull Fungi, Mould & Mildew, Yeasts and Bacteria. Orcal is a comprehensive range of standard metal ceilings tile and planks.  All products feature a durable electrostatic polyester powder coat finish which is factory applied to galvanised steel.  A variety of panel types and perforation patterns are available.

Burgess: Ceiling Tiles. Burgess Architectural Products is one of Europe's leading suppliers of advanced metal suspended ceiling systems. The company's major manufacturing plant is located centrally in the United Kingdom at Hinckley in Leicestershire. The Burgess Clip-In system is probably the most widely used metal tile ceiling system. The tiles, manufactured to fine press tool tolerances, are clipped into a concealed Tee Bar grid. Tiles are automatically levelled in the grid by special 'Pip & Stop' registers, which are pressed into the side flanges of the tiles during manufacture. The robust grid system is easily installed and tiles can be removed and replaced for access to services. Modular or circular light fitting and grilles can be integrated within the Clip-In System, and various acoustical criteria can be met with the inclusion of acoustic inlays.

Ecophon: Ceiling Tiles. Ecophon is a large UK supplier of mineral tiles for fitting to suspended ceilings. It is part of the French Saint Gobain group. Ecophone offers a wide range of edge designs and textures. Where height is limited, the ceiling tiles may be directly glued to the underside of the ceiling, instead of being fitted into a suspended structure. The Ecophon Focus ceiling tile range includes products with a variety of installation options. Focus A ceiling tiles are for use with a visible grid, and are easily demountable. They are available in seven sizes from 600mm by 600mm up to 1200mm by 1200mm. Focus B ceiling tiles are for direct fixing with glue; they are available only in 600mm by 600mm. Focus C ceiling tiles are for use with a concealed grid, and are not demountable. Focus D ceiling tiles are for use with a concealed grid, but are demountable. Focus E ceiling tiles are for use with a recessed visible grid. 



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