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Although bidets are widely used on the continent of Europe, and are well known in the UK, bidets are virtually unknown in the USA. Similar in appearance to a toilet bowl, bidets incorporate a tap or upward jet. Users sit upon the bidet to wash their private parts. Bidets may also be used for washing the feet. Bidets are supplied, normally in white ceramic ware, as parts of bathroom suites with matching toilets and bathroom sinks. It is also possible to retro-fit a bidet attachment to an existing toilet. This replaces the toilet seat with a toilet seat which incorporates a bidet nozzle. Leading UK suppliers of bidets are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




Twyford: Bidets. Twyford, based in Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent and founded in 1849, is part of the Sanitec Group. Since 1999 Twyford Bathrooms has been a proud holder of the Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. On its 70 acre site the company manufactures a wide range of bathroom products in vitreous china, fine fireclay, steel, and acrylic. It also supplies hydromassage baths, shower cabins, taps, and fittings. Twyford produces a range of four bidets, called the Cassini, and rather improbably the Encore, the Entice, and the Envy. The Cassini and Envy bidet models are available in both free standing and back-to-wall versions. All are manufacturerd from vitreous china, and are available only in white. Twyford bidets are suitable for domestic, commercial, hotel, and leisure use. The website contains advisory articles on Planning your Bathroom, and on Installation & Maintenance.

E-Loo Online: Bidets. E-Loo Online supplies retro-fit bidets which replace the normal toilet seat and can be fitted to existing toilet bowls. There are four models, one of which has a programmable timer and acoustic alarm, and two of which have wireless remote controls. All bidet models have two nozzles and feature Posterior Wash, Feminine Wash, Pulsating Wash, adjustable water pressure, and adjustable water temperature. A warm air jet is used for drying. E-Loos are designed for use by all members of the family, including children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. The E-Loo website contains an online Toilet Seat Quick Instruction Guide. It is designed to fit standard UK and European toilet dimensions, both round and elongated. The E-Loo is made from a germ-resistant plastic material for maximum hygiene and provides a comfortable seat which can be heated to different temperature settings.


Bathstore: Bidets. Bathstore is one of the UK's leading retailers of bathroom fittings, selling through more than 150 stores and online. Bathstore offers more than 20 bidets, in both back-to-wall and wall-hung versions, which form parts of their range of bathroom suites. Their most popular back-to-wall bidet is the Euro Mono. This is a full back-two-wall bidet which stands on the floor and backs up to a rear panel which conceals all pipe work. The depth is only 560mm, with a comfortable width of 360mm. The bidet comes with one tap hole, suitable for all Bathstore bidet mixers. Bathstore's most popular wall-hung bidet is also from the Euro Mono range. By lifting the bidet off the floor, wall-hung versions make for easier floor cleaning. As with all wall hung sanitaryware, Bathstore strongly recommend the use of a steel supporting frame, such as their S-Frame system. This is particularly important in the UK, where plasterboard cavity walls are often standard in timber frame houses. 




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