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There are three main types of bathroom mirror: Wall Bathroom Mirrors, Bathroom Mirror Cabinets, and Vanity Bathroom Mirrors. Wall Bathroom Mirrors may be back-lit with LED or conventional light sources, and may also have heating pads to avoid misting up. Some incorporate digital clocks and push-button radio receivers. Bathroom Mirror Cabinets provide storage shelves behind mirrored doors. Vanity Bathroom Mirrors are adjustable and can be brought close to the face. These bathroom mirrors, usually circular in shape, are mounted on stands or on extendable bar or scissor arms. Leading UK suppliers of bathroom mirrors are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




HiB: Bathroom Mirrors. HiB, based in New Barnet, Hertfordshire, is a leading supplier of bathroom fittings, including bathroom mirrors. The bathroom mirrors section of the HiB website covers the following categories: LED Bathroom Mirrors, Non-illuminated Bathroom Mirrors, Drilled Bevelled & Mirrored Tiles, Back-lit Bathroom Mirrors, Infinity Mirrors, Illuminated Mirrors, Magnifying Bathroom Mirrors, Demista Mirrors & Demista Pads, and Radiostar Mirrors. The LED Bathroom Mirrors contain LED lights, typically as a border around the edge of the mirror; these shine through gaps in the mirrored surface. Back-lit Bathroom Mirrors operate on the same principle, but with larger light sources. Demista Bathroom Mirrors have an electrically heated pad on the reverse side, which prevents misting up. The Radiostar Bathroom Mirror incorporates a digital clock panel within the mirror; a radio version is also available.

Victorian Plumbing: Bathroom Mirrors. Victorian Plumbing, based in Formby, Merseyside, is a leading online retailer of bathroom fittings including bathroom mirrors. It specialises in traditional designs of bathroom fitting, but also carries contemporary designs. It offers more than 30 types of bathroom mirror, including back-lit and extendable mirrors. The back-lit mirrors use LED or conventional light sources recessed behind the mirror surface. Brands include Hudson Reed, Latitude, Trilogy, and Lucy Finchley. The Hudson Reed range includes an unusual backlit circular mirror, with the the light being emitted from a circular strip around the edge of the mirror. It is 550mm in diameter, and incorporates a pull light switch. Standard Delivery is expected to reach customers in 2-3 working days. Next day delivery is available at an extra charge for orders placed before 4pm.


Mirrors Today: Bathroom Mirrors. Mirrors Today is a specialist online retailer of all types of mirror, including bathroom mirrors, which is based in Farnham, Surrey. The range of bathroom mirrors is organised into three categories: Bathroom Wall Mirrors, Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets, and Bathroom Vanity Mirrors. Bathroom Wall Mirrors are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with or without back lighting. They include the Odyssey Infinity Mirror. This produces an effect of infinite depth, through the repeated reflections of rope lights inset into the edge of the mirror. Bathroom Vanity Mirrors are smaller mirrors, usually circular in shape, which are mounted on an adjustable stand or extending arm. This enables them to be drawn close to the face. Mirrors Today offers more than 50 types of bathroom vanity mirror, including magnifying and rectangular models. 




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