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Bathroom cabinets may be wall mounted or floor standing. The most common type of bathroom cabinet is the mirror bathroom cabinet, usually wall mounted above a basin. These bathroom cabinets, which may incorporate recessed lights, may be made of stainless steel, aluminium, or timber. In the case of timber, hardwood veneer and painted finishes are available. Some floor standing bathroom cabinets are designed to carry a basin inset into the top of the cabinet. These are known as bathroom vanities. Floor standing bathroom cabinets may also be made of sustainable woven water hyacinth. Leading UK suppliers of bathroom cabinets are profiled below the panel of sponsored links.




Keuco: Bathroom Cabinets. Keuco of Germany is a leading manufacturer of bathroom furniture and fittings, including bathroom cabinets. Keuco's range of bathroom cabinets includes a wide variety of high quality mirror cabinets. The introductory Royal 10 model has a pair of simple solid doors, with a strip of light above the doors and an upward facing ceiling light. The Royal 30 Bathroom Cabinet has an aluminium frame and is clad on all sides with mirror. The Royal Modular system of bathroom cabinets allows the customer to combine different widths, fronts and functionality. The Edition 300 Bathroom cabinet has an upward-opening swing door with mirror surface and lights within clear panels inset into the mirror surface. The Royal T3 Bathroom Cabinet can be switched between three lighting options: bright light for making up, atmospheric lighting for bathing, and a dimmed glow at night.

Villeroy & Boch: Bathroom Cabinets. Villeroy & Bosch is headquartered in France and was founded in 1748. It is a leading manufacturer of ceramic bathroom fittings, and ceramic table ware. It also manufactures a range bathroom cabinets. These are of three types: Tall Cabinets, Mirror Cabinets, and Vanity Units for Washbasins. The Tall Bathroom Cabinets may be floor standing or wall hung. A wide range of wood and painted finishes is available. The Villeroy & Boch Mirror Cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes, with lights recessed behind a clear section of the mirrored door. The More to See range of Bathroom Mirror Cabinets features a remote control for the mirror light, a projecting glass shelf, and a heating system to prevent the mirror from steaming up. The Bellvue vanity unit has a hardwood finish, with metal legs giving the appearance of a contemporary chest of drawers.


John Lewis: Bathroom Cabinets. John Lewis offers more than 30 bathroom cabinets at its stores and online. They are available in stainless steel, aluminium, timber, and woven water hyacinth. The John Lewis stainless steel bathroom cabinet is a simple design, with fully mirrored doors, and neat cylindrical handles mounted below the door edge. No lights are incorporated. These bathroom cabinets are available with single door, with double doors, and as a double-door corner cabinet. A tall stainless steel bathroom cabinet, and floor mounted two-drawer cabinet with castors, are available. Timber short boy and tall boy bathroom cabinets are available, finished in lacquered oak veneer, in limed oak, or in white paint. Bathroom cabinets in woven water hyacinth are available as a two-drawer low boy unit, or as a tall boy unit with three shelves and an integrated linen basket. 




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