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We describe here some extreme doors - the largest, smallest, heaviest, and strongest in the world.


The world's largest doors are reputed to be those of the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center, on Merritt Island, Florida. The Vehicle Assembly Building is the fourth-largest structure in the world by volume, and was the largest when completed in 1965. Each of its four doors are 139 metres (456 feet) high. By comparison, the Statue of Liberty is only 93 metres high. The doors take 45 minutes to open or close.


The smallest doors available for purchase are 1:144 scale doors for doll's houses, such as the one shown above. Doll's houses of this scale (which corresponds to the N model railway gauge) are sometimes called Doll's Houses for Doll's Houses, because they are perfectly to scale when placed within a conventional 1:12 scale doll's house. The 1:144 scale doll's house, shown above, is less than two inches high. It is the Willow Glen model, made from a kit supplied by Grandt Line Products of Concord, California.


The world's heaviest hinged door is reputed to be the door at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory which guards the Rotating Target Neutron Source, the most intense source of continuous fusion neutrons on earth. The door, which is shown to the right, weighs 97,000 pounds. Its special bearings enable the door to be opened by a single person, although remote control is also available.

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in Livermore, California, is a federally funded research and development centre, founded by the University of California in 1952.


One of the world's most secure vault doors is at the Fort Knox bullion depository, situated within the Fort Knox US Army base south of Louisville in Kentucky. The depository holds more than 4,000 tones of gold bullion. Below the fortress like structure, shown above, lies the granite-lined gold vault. It is protected by a blast-proof door that weights 22 tons. No single person is entrusted with the entire combination required to open the vault. Ten members of the depository staff must dial different combinations known only to them.


One of the strongest front doors in the world, shown to the right, is manufactured in Colombia and is supplied by Technoimport. The armoured front door is designed to resist attack by burglars and rival gangs.

The steel construction is bullet-proof, and the door cannot be cut through with cutting or welding equipment. The door is fire-proof and is also designed to withstand explosives. The door locks in ten places, and is operated with a biometric fingerprint lock. The fingerprint lock automatically checks for blood flow to ensure the finger is attached to a living human.


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