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We list below the advertisement links to recommended websites relevant to doors.

Archbone. Comprehensive and easy to use directory of manufacturers of UK construction products, including doors.

Automatic Door Suppliers Association. UK trade association promoting safety standards in the supply, installation and maintenance of automatic doors.

British Artist Blacksmiths Association. Association sharing the knowledge, experience and fellowship of the art of the blacksmith.

British Locksmiths & Keycutters Association. UK trade association that vets and certifies locksmiths and keycutters.

British Woodworking Federation. UK trade association representing more than 500 firms in the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry.

Building Conservation. Website covering all aspects of building conservation, including website directory and online articles.

Building Regulations. UK Building Regulations published online by the Department of Communities & Local Government.

Door & Hardware Federation. UK trade association representing manufacturers and installers of industrial, pedestrian, and garage doors.

Doors of Dublin. This article describes the history of the fine 18th century front doors in the historic parts of Dublin, Ireland.

English Heritage. Government agency with responsibility for listing historic buildings, including those in private ownership, and regulating works to them.

FENSA. Fensa provides consumer protection by vetting and registering suppliers of double glazing, including suppliers of double glazed doors.

Galinsky. Illustrated guide to exciting modern buildings worldwide, initiated by the Harvard Graduate School of Design, USA.

Georgian Group. A UK national charity dedicated to preserving Georgian buildings and gardens.

Glass & Glazing Association. UK trade association representing manufacturers of glass and glazed products including glazed doors. 

Great Buildings Online. Illustrated directory of more than 1,000 important buildings of all periods worldwide. 

Master Locksmiths Association. Non profit UK trade association which vets and licenses approved locksmiths.

Product Selector. Online directory of more than 10,000 manufacturers of building products, including doors. Published by the RIBA.

Royal Institute of British Architects: Online Library Catalogue. A searchable online catalogue to the books and periodicals collection of the RIBA.

Salvo. International online directory of suppliers of architectural salvage and antiques, including antique doors and door furniture.

Secured by Design. Official website giving advice on crime prevention, including advice on security of doors and door locks.

Style your Garage. German company offering spectacular trompe l'oeil photo-murals for application to garage doors.

Twentieth Century Society. A conservation society covering building of the period after 1914. Campaigns to safeguard buildings at risk.

Victorian Society. A conservation society which champions the safeguarding of Victorian and Edwardian buildings.


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